Quebec – Interpreter Services

The following organizations provide access to interpreters and culture brokers in Quebec:

Cultural Consultation Service
The Cultural Consultation Service of the Jewish General Hospital Department of Psychiatry provides comprehensive assessment and evaluation of patients from diverse cultural backgrounds, including immigrants, refugees and members of ethnocultural communities, as well as Aboriginal peoples. The Service is available to assess new patients in psychiatry and medicine as well as those in ongoing treatment who require re-evaluation. Referrals must have a primary clinician or case manager who requests the consultation.

Interregional Interpreters Bank
People who do not have sufficient command of English or French to interact with health workers in Quebec should contact their CSSS to obtain the services of an interpreter. The CSSS decides wether the request is admissible, and if the decision is positive covers all the costs related to interpreting services.

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Evenings and weekends: services are available in case of an emergency

Interpreting, Support, and Referral Services for Immigrants
Interpreting, Support, and Referral Services for Immigrants (SIARI) offers a range of services that aim at assisting immigrants with the integration processes. SIARI provides immigrants with interpreters, but also provides language courses, information on Quebec and various services that are available to immigrants, counseling services, social support, and other services.

Centre international des femmes de Québec (Quebec City)
The Centre International des Femmes, Québec (CIFQ) is a non profit organization created in 1981 to specifically help immigrant women and their families to facilitate their integration. The Development of Local Networking in Health Services and Social Services Agency recognizes the specific role of the CIFQ with regards to the health and social services for women of the cultural community and their families. The CIFQ must facilitate the immigrants access into the network and do some prevention.

  • Tel: (418) 688-5530
  • Fax : (418) 801-6463

Accueil parrainage Outaouais, Banque d’interprètes (Agence régionale – Hull)
The interpreter service provides interpretation in 36 languages, 12 of which are spoken by staff at the APO. The services are only available during working hours for the organization and certain interpretation services have a cost associated with them.

Service d’aide aux Néocanadiens, Banque d’interprètes (Sherbrooke)
This organization has 90 interpreters who speak 34 languages. This service is offered to all family physicians in the region. The cost of interpretation services is $20 for community organizations and $25 for businesses or public organizations. They provide emergency interpretation services for the police and also provide translation services.

  • Tel: (819) 566-5373
  • Fax: (819) 566-1331