Alberta Health Services Family and Community Resource Centre
Located at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, the Family & Community Resource Centre is one of the essential components of the Alberta Health Services and helps to promote Family Centred Care in child health services. The Family & Community Resource Centre provides a comfortable and supportive environment where families, service providers, and community members can find reliable child health information, receive support, access child health education, and connect with community resources. The Business Centre provides families a photocopier, internet, fax machine and free private telephones with long distance capabilities. The Family and Community Resource Centre is located on the 2nd floor of the Alberta Children’s Hospital at the top of the main staircase. They are open 7 days a week 24 hours a day to families, service providers, and community members. Staff is available at the FCRC Monday to Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. They can be reached at: (403) 955-FCRC or Toll Free 1-877-943-FCRC

The Child Health Diversity Program supports, enhances and develops culturally competent services. The Program strives to facilitate and promote culturally competent care which acknowledges and respects different cultural beliefs, values and perceptions of health and illness. The Diversity Program also provides clinical consultation, education and resources to professionals working with children and families at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Alberta Health Services. The Program Offers:

  • Clinical Consultation
  • Cultural Competency Training/Workshops
  • Cultural Competency Training Modules
  • Access to Resources
  • Research

Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies (AAISA)
AAISA (Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies) is umbrella organization of immigrant-serving agencies in Alberta addressing the needs of immigrants by providing support and strengthening the agencies that serve them, and the larger community that welcomes them.

Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op
Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op (MCHB) began 24 years ago to support Edmonton’s newcomers. The goal was to enhance the health and well-being of families, and foster their efforts at building community so they could thrive, and actively contribute to society. Their cultural brokers are from immigrant communities, and know first hand the social, economic, and language difficulties that immigrants and refugees face.

After the initial settlement period, it is the medium and long-term adjustment that is critical for immigrant and refugee integration.  MCHB helps this process through various programs, from peri-natal health, to youth initiatives to seniors outreach. Specifically, they provide:

  • Peri-natal Health
  • Multicultural Family Connection
  • Culturally Responsive Home Visitation
  • Family Support for Intervention Services
  • Multicultural Family Support for Children with Disabilities
  • Intercultural Early Learning
  • Immigrant and Refugee Youth Initiatives
  • Intercultural Competency Training
  • Multicultural Seniors Outreach Program
  • Food Security – Grocery Run Program

Contact Information:
Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative
9538 – 107 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5H 0T7
Phone: (780) 423-1973
Fax: (780) 428-2748

Calgary Health Region Diversity Program
Diversity Services collaborates with the community and all regional portfolios to support equitable access to health services for all populations. Strategies are developed to address a wide array of aspects related to diversity including: ethno- cultural background, gender, ability, education level, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, socio-economic level and religious beliefs. There is no website available.
Diversity Services Manager: Delaine Johnson Telephone: (403) 943-0275

The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers
The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers in Edmonton, Alberta addresses the needs of immigrants and refugees in Canada and offers a wide range of resettlement services, including psychological services for torture survivors.