Saskatoon Open Door Society (Saskatoon)
The Mission of the Open Door Society is to welcome and assist refugees and immigrants to become informed and effective participants in Canadian society and to involve the Saskatoon community in their hospitable reception and just acceptance. The Open Door takes a holistic approach to service delivery and provides services and programming in the areas of settlement and integration, language training, and employment services. A large volunteer component compliments the work of Open Door staff by providing assistance in translation and interpretation, serving on the board of directors and programming such as Homework Help and Host. The Host program offers friendship and support, conversational English and other programming including driving practice and citizenship preparation

  • Tel: (306) 653-4464
  • Fax: (306) 653-7159

Saskatchewan Intercultural Association (Saskatoon)
SIA is a non-profit organization that provides services for immigrants and refugees in Saskatoon. Our organization works in partnership with community and immigrant-serving agencies, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), and a wide network of private and government funders.

  • Tel: (306) 978-1818
  • Fax: (306) 978-1411

International Women of Saskatoon (Saskatoon)
The International Women of Saskatoon (IWS) is a non-profit, grassroots equality-seeking women’s organization dedicated to assisting immigrant and refugee women and their families, residing in Saskatoon and area, through free programs and services designed to support their settlement and integration into their community.

  • Tel: (306) 978-6611
  • Fax: (306) 978-6614

Regina Open Door Society (Regina)
The Regina Open Door Society (RODS) is a non-profit organization that provides settlement and integration services to refugees and immigrants in Regina. RODS is committed to meeting the needs of newcomers by offering programs and services that enable them to achieve their goals and participate fully in the larger community.

  • Tel: (306) 352-3500
  • Fax: (306) 757-8166

Saskatchewan Association of Immigrant Settlement and Integration Agencies Inc.  (Saskatoon)
SAISIA was established in 1987 as an umbrella organization for settlement and integration service agencies in Saskatchewan. It acts as a forum for: networking and information exchange, provincially, inter-provincially and nationally, facilitating the identification of shared needs concerning immigrants and refugees, defining collective goals, and for representing and advocating for common concerns and objectives to the federal, provincial and municipal governments, the community and the public.

  • Tel: (306) 352-3500
  • Fax: (306) 757-8166