Issue: Diversity | Mental Health Commission of Canada

Issue: Diversity | Mental Health Commission of Canada.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada has led and supported a number of projects to help develop strategies that will promote strong, healthy, resilient communities across Canada—and improve the services needed by people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who are living with mental health problems or illnesses.

Cécile Rousseau: A Relational Story


“It’s not only about the migrants, it’s about the migrants and us as a majority… just like in a couple we’re part of the equation.”

Cécile Rousseau, Director of the Transcultural Child Psychiatry Clinic at the Montreal Children’s Hospital proposes a widening of focus when we think of immigrants and mental health to include the majority population. How does a host population feel about immigrants? Is the host community welcoming to this group? Dr. Rousseau discusses inter-community tensions between immigrant groups and the majority population and the tendency, when either group is feeling threatened, to close inwards, exacerbating tensions. Integration and adaptation into a new community is an important factor in the mental health of new Canadians and Dr. Rousseau stresses that all Canadians, new and established, play a part in it.

Seeking summer intern!

The MMHRC is looking for a part-time summer intern to work in our office at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. The work will involve researching organizations that deal with mental health for Canadians of diverse backgrounds and marketing our website to relevant organizations and communities. The position would suit a student in marketing or communications who has an interest in public health. Please help us spread the word! Interested candidates should send their CVs to