Working for Recovery

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 Traditionally seen as a remission of symptoms, there has been a growing group of academics and people with lived experience with mental illness advocating for a new definition of recovery and a distinction between recovery and cure. In this podcast, Rob Whitley, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University and Researcher at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre, shares his thoughts about the recovery movement. Recovery is defined by this movement as a return to a meaningful life even as some symptoms and challenges may persist. Dr. Whitley discusses different dimensions of recovery and how it may be defined in different ways by different ethnocultural communities.

Podcast: Dr. Linda Shohet on Health Literacy

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Welcome to the Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre Blog. Here, you will find podcasts, video interviews, and posts concerning culture and mental health in Canada and abroad.

We are delighted to share with you our very first podcast with an expert and researcher in the area of literacy and health–Dr. Linda Shohet. A member of the MMHRC steering committee, Dr. Shohet has been the Executive Director of the Centre for Literacy in Montreal for over twenty years. In this interview, she speaks to the importance of health literacy in Canada, how cultural realities and differences affect access to health care, and how new communication technologies are forcing us to update our understanding of the ways people consume and use health-related information.