Issue: Diversity | Mental Health Commission of Canada

Issue: Diversity | Mental Health Commission of Canada.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada has led and supported a number of projects to help develop strategies that will promote strong, healthy, resilient communities across Canada—and improve the services needed by people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who are living with mental health problems or illnesses.

Podcast: Towards Culture-Conscious Mental Health Services in Saskatchewan

Dr. Sadeq Rahimi provides a review of Saskatchewan’s state of legal policy and strategies. He concludes that given the rapid pace of migration-induced demographic changes in Saskatchewan, there is an urgent need for government policies that address mental health requirements of a culturally diverse population. He states that there is an absence of cultural awareness in Saskatchewan policies and identifies an acute need for culturally competent services and expertise across the province. He suggests a reformulation of health policies and regulations in a culture-conscious fashion.   

Schizophrenia and social defeat in the immigrant population

There are many pressures when resettling in a new country: the stress of immigration, the search for employment, getting recognition for training undertaken in another country, and dealing with a new language and culture. Inpsired by a 2005 study conducted by Dr. Cantor-Graae that found that immigrants have a 2-3 times higher chance than the average population of developing schizophrenia, Drs. Danni Li, Lisa Andermann, and Samuel Law at the University of Toronto conducted a study to look at the relationship between feelings of social defeat and types of delusions within schizophrenia. In this podcast, Drs. Andermann and Law share their findings and suggest possible approaches to working with immigrants with schizophrenia; they discuss implications for immigration policy and post-immigration social policies.