Methodology used to select policy documents

1. Conduct internet and academic searches using “multicultural”, “policy(ies)”,,“immigrant”, “cultural diversity”, “ethnicity”, “racism”, “racial discrimination”, ”stigma” and  “refugees” as baseline terms with “Canada” and “mental health” being  constants.

Inclusion criteria:

Documents having to do with policy: creation; action plans; best practices; consultation and/or reports; ethical standards; mental health acts; resources; strategies; guidelines.

2. Systematically refine search by adding each of the key words found under “exclusion criteria”.

3. Further refine search using “multicultural” “mental health policies” by each of the following geographic zones: international; national; provincial/territorial; municipal/regional.

4. Final refinement using the following tags: governmental; non-governmental; private institution.

Criteria used for evaluating chosen sites:

1. Recognizable and identifiable entity (ex. Government; community organizations; well-established national and international organizations, such as WHO;

2. Extensive review process of stakeholders (academic, government and public) at least two of three;

3. Objectives and purpose and methodology clearly outlined;

4. Recommendations included.

Final refinement by the following categories:

Special Issues

Providing interpreters

Culture brokers or mediators

Addressing racism, racial discrimination and stigma


Immigration and resettlement