Clinical Tools

Cultural Competence Tools and Resources

The Canadian Paediatric Society provides guides for Health Professionals working with immigrant and refugee children and youth. This link provides tools and resources. The resources include e-learning modules and open-access multimedia kits on topics related to Cultural Competence and providing culturally competent care to diverse populations.

Patient Information in Multiple Languages
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Working with an Interpreter or Culture Broker

  • Guidelines on how to work with an interpreter or culture broker
  • How to find an interpreter or culture broker in your region

Cultural Formulation
Cultural formulation involves collecting clinically relevant social and cultural information and integrating it into a diagnostic formulation and assessment. A variety of tools have been developed to help with this task. The DSM-5 Cultural Formulation Interview is designed to aid health professionals in gathering cultural information relevant to clinical diagnosis, assessment and treatment.

Diagnostic and Assessment Tools in Multiple Languages
A collection of screening tools for common mental disorders that have been translated into multiple languages.

Clinical resources for mental health workers and consumers
These resources from McGill University’s Cultural Consultation Services offer mental health related information in various languages covering a wide range of topics.

Clinical Guidelines
For working with specific groups or settings: