Self-Help Resources in Farsi

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The following Self-Help Resources are available in Farsi:

The links below will download Farsi documents. They are intended for individuals interested in learning more about mental health and ways of improving emotional wellbeing.


Anxiety: Guide for Parents

Anxiety: How to Cope

Anxiety and Depression related to Substance Abuse

Coping with Mental Health Crises and Emergencies

Cross-Cultural Mental Health

Children and Adolescents Mental Health

Depression: What You Need to Know

Depression: How to Cope

Depression: How to Discuss with Your Doctor

Depression: Post-Partum

Depression: Preventing Relapse

LGBT people and Mental Health

Stigma and Mental Illness: What You Need to Know

Stress: What You Need to Know

Suicide: What You Need to Know

Psychosis: What You Need to Know

Schizophrenia: What You Need to Know 

Sexual Assault 

Wellness: What You Need to Know

Wellness: Balanced Living

Wellness: Eating and Living Well

Wellness: Healthy Thinking

Wellness: Mindfulness 

Wellness: Problem Solving

Wellness: Sleeping Well

Wellness: Dealing with Anger

Wellness: Impact of Stress

Wellness: Social Support