Mental health information and resources in Arabic


The following Self-Help Resources are available in Arabic:

The links below will download Arabic documents. They are intended for individuals interested in learning more about mental health and ways of improving emotional wellbeing.

Learn Strategies on Being Well

Mental Health Matters – (English Version)

Getting a Good Night Sleep (English Version)

Finding Balance (English Version)

Problem Solving(English Version)

Healthy Thinking(English Version)

Mindfulness (English Version)

Stress and Well-Being (English Version)

Social Support (English Version)

Anger Management(English Version)

Eating and Living Well (English Version)

Cultural Identity and Your Health

Coping with Mental Illness

Coping with Depression (English Version)

Working with your doctor for Depression – (English Version) 

Preventing Relapse of Depression (English Version)

Coping with Mental Health Crisis and Emergencies

General Home Management Strategies for Anxieties

Eating Disorders in Children: Anorexia Nervosa

Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD)

Psychosis and Drug & Alcohol Issues

Resources Available to You

Database of Mental Health Resources in Quebec

Resources on General Mental Health Matters

Resources for Depression

Resources for Mental Illness in Children

Resources for Additional Information on Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Resources on Anxiety and Depression Medication

Resources on Suicide

Resources on Home Management Strategies for Anxiety and Depression

Resources on Mental Illness Stigma and Discrimination 

Resources on Problem Solving

Resources on Psychosis

Resources on Healthy Eating and Living Well 

Resources on Healthy Thinking

Resources on Alcohol 

Resources on Preventing Depression Relapse

Resources on Working with Your Doctor for Mental Health

Resources on Postpartum Depression

Resources on Coping with Depression

Resources on Coping with Mental Health Crises and Emergencies

Resources on Getting a Good Night Sleep

Resources on Cannabis and Marijuana 

Resources on Stress and Well-Being

Resources on Recovery from Psychosis

Resources on Anger Management

Resources on Stress Management

Resources on Schizophrenia 

Resources on Social Support