Mental health information and resources in Chinese

Graphic Chinese

The following Self-Help Resources are available in Simplified Chinese:

The links below will download Simplified Chinese documents. They are intended for individuals interested in learning more about mental health and ways of improving emotional wellbeing. The resources have been collected from the World Health Organization and other sources.

Depression: What you should know (English)

Depression – Signs in children(English)

Depression – Postpartum(English)

Depression – Older adults(English)

Preventing Depression During Teen Years(English)

If you feel life is not worth living …(English)

Suicidal thoughts: What you should know(English)

Myths about Suicide

Bipolar disorder: What you should know  – (English)

What is Schizophrenia

Mental health and wellbeing of children

Infographic on Dementia

Asking for Help When Things Are Not Right – (English)

Asking for Help When Things Are Not Right